Sap fico cin configuration

The official help documentation for Country Version India is here. Also this is reflected in the RG23D register. Excise invoice other movements picks up the report layout from the output type ZEXC which has been maintained against the SD output determination — Sales documents.

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You need to define as many condition types as the number of tax classification configuratioon. How do I maintain the opening balances for my register for the first time?


A- certificates conifguration when the goods are removed after paying a provisional duty. What will happen when I cancel a RG23D selection for sales already made?

How does CIN do the pricing? If this is available then that rate is picked up. If you need to dynamically change this then you can make use of the user-exit. Say in when this was posted? The balances for utilization are picked up in CIN only when the MM period closing is done for the previous period. This is happening because the Excise conditions for sales are statistical in the tax procedure for India.

If you r posting date is 5 th Dec and the November period is still open system will show zero balance. If you are canceling a selection before posting then the RG23D register the record will be removed. Can I have some more additional rates?

The procedure is as follows. Initially when you upload the balance in RG1 you need to mention the material form. Instead if you need separate account determination then you need separate tax codes.

CIN Interview Questions

System will show you only those excise invoices, which belong to the same excise group, ssp, storage location and batch. So you cannot define your WN transaction types.

When I release the billing document to accounting there is an error that the account key is missing? Can I sa my own layout for printing sales excise invoice? This option will calculate the taxes for an export invoice. While doing excise invoice creation I get an error message that system failure during locking.

What will happen if I have multiple rates with overlapping validity periods for the same chapter-id and tax indicator? When I do excise invoice creation, the system issues a message not enough balance.

SAP CIN Configuration Document – SAP ebooks

Having opened up the new tax classification fields you might have to do the following Customer taxes maintain the possible values for JTX3. How many tax codes do I need? How do I handle the A-certificate at depot? Even though customers are free to use the same number series now there is no bar from using separate series.

Notify me of new posts via email. How do I handle sales tax concessions?

SAP FI CIN Configuration Material for Consultants - ERP DOCUMENTS

While creating the excise invoice, at the time of saving system tries to lock the GL account that is getting updated with the new balances. I want to calculate the excise duties at the time of export sales. This simply triggers individual utilization as a BDC so that the user interaction can be minimized.

Can I post the fort nightly utilization for individual excise invoices? Configuratioh I do a receipt at the depot from my factory how do I give the excise invoice number? Once this is done you can go back to the depot and capture this extra payment into your RG23D. How do I handle returns at factory?

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