The passover plot

This stance is unworthy of someone so intelligent and educated. This presents an unavoidable obstacle in any body-snatching theory. According to Schonfield's analysis, the events of the Passover, which are presented in all the Gospels, but inconsistently, are most accurately presented in the Gospel of John.

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As Lewis stated, the only logical answer concerning the deity of Jesus Christ is that He is indeed God in the flesh. Presbyterian and Reformed,p.

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ghe I think that Schonfield hypothesized that John, the disciple "whom he loved" John There is so much evidence to refute these ideas. And 3, souls believed that day Acts 2: This task is assigned to a young scientist, who is carefully briefed about exactly what needs to be taught to enable the Inventor to make the first crucial experiments. His giving testamonial precedence to the passoverr attributed to John is quite eccentric.

A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher. Schonfield provides rational explanations closer to my experience with human nature than the sanitized version I learned in Sunday School. Concerning the empty tomb, no one stole the body. Postulates Jesus meticulously conformed his behavior to prophecy in order to fulfill prophecy.

Since Schonfield's death inhis popularity and the interest in his prodigious work, which included over 40 books, has drawn increasing attention, particularly outside Judaism. Schonfieldwho also published a translation of the New Testament with a Jewish perspective.

The Passover Plot

In true Christian tradition, he has also been the cause of much contention. He brings up some interesting ideas, but he doesn't offer strong support for how much creedence he lends to various source material. I am trying here to prevent anyone saying the rally foolish thing that people often say about Him: Why would th bodies of the saints who had plor asleep rise and enter the holy city and appear to many?

How do we know it is folklore? There is a huge amount of speculation in the book without much, if any, evidence to su Very interesting book. The scientist is catapulted back in time and makes contact, but fails to educate the Inventor despite his best passoger. From a scholarly perspective, he is too dependent on the biblical texts themselves and too ready to stretch such ev I read this book prior to having read the bible in fhe entirety and, so, with a rather naive acceptance of Dr.

It is clear that Jerusalem and Judea were as bloody and violent then as they hhe are these days. However, the unexpected spear wound was too much for Christ to recover from and He eventually died in an undisclosed place.

It all would have worked perfectly except that he was pierced on the cross by one of the soldiers. Obviously, God cannot lie or fail. This book is an interesting read, but as with a lot of books on revisionist theology a pplot of it is pure speculation and opinion based. Apr 05, Krista the Krazy Kataloguer rated it really liked it Shelves: Aug 04, D Scullion rated it liked it.

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Therein, Christianity stands distinct from all other religions. Things that surprise me. Schonfield doesn't 'prove' that Jesus wasn't the Messiah. Schonfield adopted the premise that Jesus deliberately planned his own crucifiction and that proves that he couldn't possibly be the Son of God and he expected us to accept that because of his great knowledge of the history and culture of the Jews in and around Palestine.

Although Schonfield claims to be objective and scientific in his ghe it is easily demonstrated that his bias and philosophy overrule any attempt at objectivity. Friends and disciples had arranged to recover his body and start reanimation efforts as soon as possible.

Schonfield does not have an answer for any of these questions so he claims that none of these events ever occurred.

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