Repeating crossbow plans

Welcome to the Make: The arrow is then discharged and the crossbow returns to the position shown in fig. The trigger, as its lowest extremity is pressed against the surface of the stock by the action of the lever lifts the bow-string out of the notch. It has its upper end enlarged to prevent it from dropping out of the slot in which it moves up or down, fig.

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From this description, it will be understood how simple and rapid is the action of the crossbow.

The magazine, full of arrows, pushed forward by the lever. By a slight alteration in the construction of the crossbow it was sometimes made to shoot two arrows, instead of one, every time its bow recoiled. Welcome to the Make: The magazine had crosdbow thin partition down its centre which divided it into two compartments.

DIY repeating crossbow

All that need be done to shoot off the arrows contained in its magazine, is to work the lever to and fro as slowly or as quickly as desired. The photos are nice, but the instructions and plans are fairly non-existent at least on this page.

Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. Though the antiquity of the repeating crossbow is so great that the date of its introduction is beyond conjecture, it is to this day carried by Chinese soldiers in the more remote districts of their empire. The lever is here pulled back, with the result that the bow is bent and the bow-string stretched. An arrow cannot drop from the magazine into the groove till the bow-string is in the notch, fig. The length of the arrow was from 12 in.

The bamboo arrows, though short and light, were well made and had steel heads that were heavy in proportion to the length of their shafts. The trigger works in an upright slot. The arrow is then discharged and the crossbow returns to the position shown in fig. By pulling back the lever a little farther than shown in this sketch, the projecting end of the trigger will be pressed against the surface of the stock of the crossbow.

The magazine in which the ten or twelve small arrows are laid one on the other when the weapon is made ready for use. This causes the upper end of the trigger to lift the bow-string out of the notch and set it free. This piece is attached to the magazine and forms the lower part of it.

Sign In Don't have an account? In the latter case, the bow-string passed through a hole in each end of the bow, fig. You will also be receiving the weekly Make: Get the Magazine Make: The crossbow just before it is discharged.

They had no feathers, so that their freedom of movement might not be impeded as they dropped one by one from the magazine when the crossbow was being used. The lever that works the crossbow. The effective range of these Chinese weapons was about 80 yards; their extreme range from to yards. As the lever was worked, two arrows dropped from the magazine and remained side-by-side, one in each groove, both arrows being propelled together when the bow-string was released.

For the same reason, the width of the magazine-inside-was slightly in excess of the diameter of the arrow. Thanks for signing up.

Repeating Crossbow Plans

In the recent war between China and Japan,the repeating lpans was frequently seen among troops who came from the interior of the first-named country. Thanks for your submission. By John Baichtal John Baichtal. By means of this arrangement one hundred men could discharge two thousand arrows in fifteen seconds, or double plan number which one hundred men could shoot off in the same time with the ordinary repeating crossbow.

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crossboow Retrieved from " http: When the lever is fully pulled back the trigger pushes the stretched bow-string upwards out of the notch that holds it, B, fig.

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