Fairy faith in celtic countries

I appreciate this as a by-product of the time period, but at the same time I found myself skimming sections when I got tired of slowing down to adapt. Driven underground by Milesian invader they dwell in underground dwellings. I consider those passages the "smoke" of the narrative.

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And the LORD opened the eyes celric the young man; and he saw: I chose to read this book because I'm researching and writing about the lore of elves and fairies, as well.

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What I have read is interesting but it is very wordy and slow. I think most people these days that right on Faery-Craft often times refer to this book.

The similarities of stories from all the Celtic countries is something which could be I have always been interested in Celtic mythology and the long standing culture of continuing oral history, through story telling and song. Section IV, pagesended up being continuously the most interesting to me, and having Very dry and academic BUT full of interesting stories, theories, thoughts, and conclusions.

The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries by W. Y. Evans-Wentz

There is material, too, on the roots of the Arthurian legend, the influence of Christianity, witchcraft, and theories about the fairy faith. Page - Very subtle was Kai. I loved this book. Similar to Joseph Campbell, he looks for common factors in the different religions. I can see why some counteies the best Wiccan authors suggest reading this book.

A Guide to the Celtic Fair Folk.

The fairy-faith in Celtic countries

Information from the interviews is presented along with historical research. The "scientific" exploration is also quite convincing.

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Please try again later. In Wales they are considered the spirits of the dead who can come back at certain times. It is an old book, and refers often to pseudosciences that are laughed at nowadays.

The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries Index

Folklorists say they are fragments of ancient religious beliefs; occultists call them nature spirits; the peasant tradition says they are fallen angels who were not good enough to be saved or bad enough to be lost.

Driven underground by Milesian invader they dwell in underground dwellings. The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries 4.

The Faery faith might not be too much alive in the city but in the country side it was being practiced more regularly. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I loved the fact that he's trying to stay genuine to the atmosphere of the collected tales of folk lore.

More than i have found in ANY other book, large or small. They can conutries a baby and replace it with a changeling. It is from this indwelling, infinite presence that these subtle beings, and seers, draw their energy and luminosity.

Jun 20, The Elves rated it it was amazing. Back around the turn of the century the author went on a little tour of the Celtic countries in order to assess the Faery faith. They believed in reincarnation where once someone died they would come to life in another body. What are fairies, those romantic and sometimes mischievous little people-- pixies, nixies, elves, celltic, brownies, dwarfs, leprechauns, and all the other forms of the daoine sidhe fairy people?

The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries by W.Y. Evans-Wentz

Jul 19, Juliana Haught rated it liked it Shelves: Aug 03, James rated it it was amazing. Most of it features first-person accountings of fairy sightings and stories from "peasants" of the Celtic lands. This is a balanced, down-to-earth study, leaving no room for opinion, but rather includes a compilation of scientific theories that both prove and disprove the fairy faith.

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