Compiler design question bank with answers

An identifier is defined as a letter followed by zero or more letters or digits. Explain intermediate language with e. It is defined as the process in which eliminate the statements which has the. Posted by Unknown at E generally provides a more concise and easier to understand notation for token than grammars.

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These are the machines which accept the strings belonging to certain language. Output of the parsing step is a representation of the syntactic structure of a statement.

CS Compiler Design - Two Marks and 16 Marks with Answers

Patterns- There is a set of strings in the input for which the same token is produced as output. Give the advantages of quadruples?

In dynamic scoping a use of non-local variable refers to the non-local data declared in most recently called and still active procedure. Give the several reasons for writing a grammar? Detecting situations that permit the use of these instructions can reduce execution compilsr significantly.

compiler design – 2 marks question set with answers

Hence this basic block may be transformed into the equivalent. It consists of sequence of instructions, each of which has at most three operands. The class of grammar that can be parsed by LR parser is a superset of bannk of grammars that can be parsed using predictive parsers. Give the 2 attributes of syntax directed translation into 3-addr code? The first phase of compiler is Lexical Analysis.

Of branching except at the end. Write a code generation algorithm. Briefly explain the compiler construction tool. The relative address consists of an offset from the base of the static data area or the field for local data in an activation record.

List vank operations on languages. A translation scheme is like a syntax-directed definition, except that the order of evaluation of the semantic rules is explicitly shown.

And the name in the basic block is said to be dead at a given point if its value is never used after that point in the program.

CS Principles Of Compiler Design 2 Marks and 16 Marks with Answers - SEC Edition

We apply the productions of a CFG to infer that certain strings are in the language of a certain variable. What are the three types of implementations of three-address statements? Replacing an incorrect character by a correct character 4. Differentiate tokens, patterns, lexeme. Give the standard storage allocation strategies. LR parsers can be used to parse a large class of context free grammars.

Differentiate compiler and interpreter. Describe the case statement. It is compildr input- output mapping. What are the parameter transmission mechanisms? It stores information about scope and binding information about names. What do you meant by interpreter? State the rules, which define regular expression?

Write short notes on error handler? Define code optimization and optimizing compiler. A string that is derived from the root variable is called the yield of the tree. What is the purpose of DAG?

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