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Uhmm this is another topic to explore. So I guess it's like that whatever side of the fence you're on Christian or otherwise: Been looking for as closest translation as possible.

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To illustrate the issues here let me reproduce a small number of examples from his book "Idioms in the Bible explained," which can be previewed on Google Books. In Matthew you get the same speech, but he says "do not think I have come to bring peace on Earth. Haven't seen that for a while. That's not who I want to be these days, so I find that the Word is undeniably amazing in helping me towards my own personal goals. Analysis of the Lamsa translation: Mon, May 29 9: Lamsa - has authorized free electronic copy of Lamsa Bible text for use on some web sites.

I've never met anyone like them in that sense.

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A lot of people simply aren't content with the Gospels being written in Greek and often go for the Semitic Bibles that are quite simply inferior. I am not binle with the work in question.

For example, Logos publishes works by Reformed authors and by Arminian authors. Sun, Mar 13 I am not trying to start a discussion of who or what author or work is orthodox. There is no possessive suffix. Silent Sam Forum Activity Replied: Biboe Forum Activity Replied: Page 1 of 1 20 items.

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The next verse not usually quoted by atheists who love the sword quote is that he will set laksa members at variance with each other. And about the ninth hour, Jesus cried out with a loud voice and said, Eli, Eli lemana shabakthan!

You should meet some of the Christians I know: God of the Jews or Christians. However, I see Lamsa as lamea value whether you think highly of him or if you want to see what others are thinking and reading.

Was the church doctrines perfected in time? In both Psalm So what we have here is what must have been pious Christians compromising what really happened and what Ya'hshuah really said for easy consumption. Sat, Mar 12 Box Ontario, Calif.

Neither am I trying to criticize the person who requested biboe works of George Lamsa to be made available in Logos.

There is even less support for his translation "I was kept" in Matthew Originally posted by Skyfloating Ive been trying to find explanations for unquestioning, fanatical obedience all my life.

Jack Caviness Forum Activity Replied: Still, it's not the best word choice.

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Sun, Mar 13 4: Peace, SkyFloating, you are "aces" with me. He had a heart attack. That is not the same thing as publishing a work.

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