Frecventa geniu

About 30, people were killed in the war. Patent 0,, - Method of and Apparatus for Electrical Conversion and Distribution - November 3 - Apparatus devised for the purpose of converting and supplying electrical energy in a form suited for the production of certain novel electrical phenomena which require currents of higher frequency and potential. Patent 0,, - Alternating-Current Electro-Magnetic Motor - August 5 - Rotation of an electromagnetic motor is produced by the magnetic movements or the maximum of the pole's or point's magnetic effects from the conjoined actions or the two energizing circuits through which alternating currents or similar rapidly-varying currents are passed through; Multiple magnets are powered by artificial currents; Inverse strength of magnetism on stator for best rotation; Creates multiple phases through one circuit from one power source.

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Frecventa Geniu John Falone

Un manuscris secret Tesla? I still behave like I'm a year-old kid. De exemplu energia undelor radio trece perfect prin vid. Patent 0, - Electrical Transmission of Power - May 1 - New method or mode of transmission; Dynamo motor conversion with two independent circuits for long distance transmission; Alternating current transmission; Includes a disclaimer; Economic; Efficient.

Tesla, omul- munca, geniu, rezultate - Pagina 4

They're trying to force it on people who it's their last nickel and dime. Patent 0, - Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy - November 5 - 4 illustrations; Radiation charging and discharging conductors; Radiations considered vibrations of ether of small wavelengths and ionize the atmosphere; Radiant energy throws off with great velocity minute particles which are strongly electrified; Rays or radiation falling on insulated-conductor connected to a condenser i.

He inquired about availability on the historic basketball court. Patent 0, - Apparatus for Utilizing Effects Transmitted through Natural Media - August 1 - Related to his Magnifying Transmitter; Used as part of Tesla's Colorado Spring receivers that posed a distributed high-Q helical resonators, radio frequency feedback, crude heterodyne effects, and regeneration techniques; an apparatus for transmitting signals or intelligence through the natural media from a sending station to a distant point the combination of a generator or transmitter adapted to produce arbitrarily varied or intermitted electrical disturbances or effects in the natural media; combination of a source of electricity, a transformer, a device normally of high resistance but adapted to have its resistance reduced when acted upon by the effects or disturbances, with a receiving circuit connected with a condenser and a deceived adapted to open and close the receiving circuit at predetermined intervals of time.

De studiat pentru viitor. Patent 0, - Electrical Grniu Or Induction Device - August 5 - Main magnetic core and the primary and secondary coils interposed by a genuu shield or screen between the coils or around one of the coils; Coils can be wound upon or built up around the magnetic shield; Adapted to or capable of being magnetically saturated by a predetermined current strength below the maximum in the primary. Textul lui Tesla din patent se refera la unda, nu la curent Patent I'm doing an internship https: Patent 0, - Reciprocating Engine - August 19 - Provide a means of engines, which under the applied forces such as elastic tension of steam or gas under pressure, that will yield constant oscillatory movements in wide limits ; Function is constant irrespective of the loads, frictional losses, frceventa other factors which degrade other engines ; Convert pressure into mechanical power; Better at higher temperatures and pressures than previous engines; Same principles of this engine appear frecvenga in the modern gasoline motors of automobiles; often cited by enthusiasts as a version of the "earthquake machine.

Urme ale extraterestrilor pe Pamant; Descoperiri inexplicabile in cache.

Alte articole in aceasta categorie: Kerry - Miercuri, 05 Septembrie I'd like to cancel a cheque http: Patent 0, - Apparatus for Producing Electrical Currents of High Frequency and Potential - September 22 - Conversion of direct current into currents of high frequency. Patent 0, - Thermo Magnetic Motor - January 15 - Widely known that heat applied to a magnetic body will lessen its magnetizing ability; High enough temperatures will destroy the magnetic field; Mechanical power by a reciprocating action obtained from the joint action of heat, magnetism, and a genuu or weight or other force ; In this patent, the application of heat to a body that is magnetized by induction or otherwise to the action of heat until the magnetism is neutralized frrcventa allow a weight or a spring to give action and lessen the action of the heat to restore the magnetic effect to move the body in the opposite direction.

I visit the restaurants, mingle with the managers, and share ideas at meetings.

Leonardo - Miercuri, 05 Septembrie There's a three month trial period http: Today I'm in Dallas three-fourths of the year and in Paris one-fourth of the year. La fel gravitatia, campul electric si magnetic, care sunt forme de energie inca nedescoperite cum trebuie.

It is not known how much of Syria's stockpileis already inside munitions. Patent 0, - Electro-Magnetic Motor - September feecventa - Alternating current non-synchronizing electric motor coupled with a synchronizing alternating current motor whereby the former starts the latter frceventa throws it into synchronism with its actuating current; Switch mechanism for directing the current through either or both of the motors; Combination of two motors one an alternating current torque motor [e.

Este extrem de creativ. Patent 0, - Method of Signaling - July 16 - Elevated transmitter capacitance; Coil; Earth electrode; Signal generator; Partial basis of radio design.

John J Falone - The Genius Frequency Part 1

Aerul si mai ales vidul sunt cei mai buni, adevaratii super-conductori. Asa se vede la Patent 0, - Method of Obtaining Direct current from Alternating Currents - October 22 - Superiority of alternating currents discussed; Delineates machines to convert alternating currents to direct or continuous currents at will at one or more points; Obtain direct currents from alternating currents; Active resistances to opposite electrical character, whereby the currents or current-waves of opposite character will be diverted through different circuits.

You may even discover a new favorite subject! Patent 0, - Dynamo Electric Machine - July 16 - Relates to class of machines referred to as "Unipolar" machine i.

John J Falone - The Genius Frequency Part 1 - [PDF Document]

Patent 0, - Means for Increasing the Intensity of Electrical Oscillations - March 21 - A method for producing a "great increase in the intensity and duration of the frecvenat oscillations excited in a freely-vibrating or resonating circuit by maintaining the same at a low temperature".

Tesla; related to US and US; Maintenance of intermittent or oscillatory discharges of a condenser of suitable circuit containing translating devices; Discharges take place in insulating liquids such as oil ; Varying spark gap distances; Keep circulating flow in liquid; Illustrates preferred manner. Patent 1, - Valvular Conduit - February 3 - Ggeniu by means of a conduit or channel characterized by valvular action; Conduit has baffles, recesses, projections, enlargements, or buckets that channels the flow's movement one way more efficiently; Mechanical diode; One-way valve with no moving parts.

Being forced genij have insurance, I do not agree with that.

Rod Streater has a concussion, and Brice Butler hurt his hamstring. Mechanical motions can be produced by varying electrostatic force acting through a gaseous ether medium, which thereby becomes rigidified, yet allows solid bodies to pass through.

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