Ecclesiam suam

These documents offer us ample and clear teaching concerning the subject of Our present discourse: Our other teachers are his successors, who, as you know, followed closely in his footsteps. Devotion to the Mother of God is happily flourishing in the Church in this day and age, and We gladly take this opportunity of expressing Our admiration for Mary, the Holy Virgin Mother of Christ, the Mother of God and men, the model of Christian perfection, the mirror of true virtue, the pride of our humanity.

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As the Apostle Paul admonished Us: And if, with the help of God, we fix our gaze on this mystery we will receive many spiritual benefits, the very ones we believe the Church today stands in greatest need of. The first thought is that this is the hour in which the Church should deepen its consciousness of itself, in which it ought to meditate on that mystery which is peculiar to it, in which it ought to examine, for its own enlightenment and for its own development, a particular doctrine which it already knows and which it has formulated and made known during this past century.

Accordingly, let us leave this aspect of the subject and confine ourselves to stressing once again the supreme importance which Christian preaching maintains, an importance which grows greater daily, for the Catholic Apostolate and specifically for the dialogue. Modernism might be cited as an example. Thus, also, did his successors, as you well know. May the grace of God enable him to possess his temporal goods in peace and honor and to live in the assurance of acquiring those that are eternal.

We aim at increasingly better results from our pastoral activity, a more fruitful outcome of the sessions of the Ecumenical Council, and a clearer exposition of those doctrinal and practical rules which govern the spiritual and apostolic activity of the official rulers of the Church, their subjects, collaborators and well-wishers.

But Our present aim is not to expound new or duly developed insights. All these are things which the Ecumenical Council will doubtless bring up for our discussion. Paul said, "keep that which is committed to thy trust. Some of these are of great value and utility.

First We are convinced that the Church must look with penetrating eyes within itself, ponder the mystery of its own being, and draw enlightenment and inspiration from a deeper scrutiny of the doctrine of its own origin, nature, mission, and destiny.

Ecclesiam Suam

Illustrating, as it does, the great and inestimable privilege of ecdlesiam intimate union with a Head so exalted, this doctrine is certainly calculated by its sublime dignity to draw all spiritually minded men to deep and serious study, and to give them, in the truths which it unfolds to the mind, a strong incentive to such virtuous conduct as is conformable to its lessons.

But, even on this point, we do not intend to forestall the Council, which, please God, will soon make its voice heard.

In this primary universal reality we are ready to play our part, to acknowledge the deep-seated claims of its fundamental needs, to applaud the new, and sometimes sublime, expressions of its genius. The word apostle implies a mission from which there is no escaping.

We do not forget that this service, besides being one dictated by love, is in fact a plain duty. We see wuam men serving a demanding and often a noble cause, fired with enthusiasm and idealism, dreaming of justice and progress and striving for a social order which they conceive of as the ultimate of perfection, and all but divine. He must look upon it with the eyes of the Christians of the early Church, as an 'illumination'".

Ecclesiam suam

Is there no one among us who could help him to arrive at last at the realization of the objective reality of the cosmic universe which confronts the mind with the presence of God and brings to the lips a healing prayer of tearful humility? We are not civilization, but we promote it.

The Church and Christians must renew themselves by deepening their identity: It is unencumbered by prejudice. In my opinion, Ecclesiam Suam is one of those ever-timely Encyclicals. We would wish this reflection on the origin and nature of those new and vital relationships which the Christian religion establishes between God and man to assume the character of an act of willing submission to what the divine Teacher said to those who listened to Him, and especially to the disciples, among whom we today rightly rejoice to be numbered.

We eccpesiam to keep ever present this ineffable, yet real relationship of the dialogue, which God the Father, through Christ in the Holy Spirit, has offered to us and established with us, if we are to understand the relationship which we, i.

Speaking in general on the role of partner in dialogue, a role which the Catholic Xuam must take suma with renewed fervor today, we, should like merely to observe that the Church must be ever ready to carry on the dialogue with all men of good will, within and without its own sphere. Both these things encourage Us to meditate on the scriptural and sacramental treasures of which the Church is heir, guardian, mistress, and minister.

We have already mentioned the liturgy, the interior life and preaching. We think that by opening fcclesiam heart to you, we are opening it not only to all the faithful of the Church of God, but especially to those whom our voice can reach beyond the wide limits of the Flock of Christ.

Then we have those worshipers who adhere to other monotheistic systems of religion, especially the Moslem religion.

Ecclesiam Suam |

We see the concrete situation quite clearly. But as the Pope said: Its characteristics are the following:. The mere fact ecclesim we are embarking upon a disinterested, objective and sincere dialogue is a circumstance in favor of a free and honorable peace.

The dialogue of salvation was opened spontaneously on the initiative of God:

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