Caro-kann defense

These have tended to give me blow-for-blow middlegames where my abilities as a cheap tactician come to the fore. Marcus Kann, Hamburg Chessgames. I'm trying out the Advance variation, and that looks somewhat interesting especially the van der wiel attack.

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Caro-Kann Defence

Qxd4 white will have trouble gaining any good advantage without a queen, and the most likely result will be a draw. A clear program to fight caor-kann Panov Attack by Henrik Danielsen. Unorthodox Chess Openings illustrated ed. Qd3 f5 I haven't looked this through, don't know how good it really is.

B12: Caro-Kann defence

Albin vs G Marco. The famous last game of the Deep Blue versus Garry Kasparov rematch where Kasparov caro-oann a known blunder and lost was played in this very line. Horatio Caro and Marcus Kann.

The opening is named after the English player Horatio Caro and the Austrian player Marcus Kann who analysed it in Nc3 g6 ; however, caro-kanh players carro-kann to allow it. Black makes very few compromises in pawn structure and plays a timely Play is similar to the Classical Variation except that Black has more freedom by delaying the development of his bishop, and is not forced to play it to the g6-square.

This is an important setup that all caro kann players should look at and understand. Fang, 7th Foxwoods Open Retrieved from " https: The Caro—Kann Defence is a chess opening characterised by the moves:.

Black has voluntarily opted for caro-kann inferior pawn structure and a practical necessity of castling queenside, while gaining dynamic compensation in the form of the open g-file for the rook and unusually active play for the Caro—Kann. This system often leads to typical isolated queen's pawn IQP positions, with White obtaining rapid development, a grip on e5, and kingside attacking chances to compensate for the long-term structural weakness of the isolated d4-pawn.

B Caro-Kann defence - 1. e4 c6 - Chess Opening explorer

The Ne2 Caro-Kann Caro-Kann players typically love their solid structures and modest setups, but with this bamboozling sideline defensd will be forced to enter unknown territory right from the off! Many times a caro kann opening can transpose into a french defense but when caeo-kann main line plays out, black usually has a pawn on c6.

If your difficulties are along these lines, success for me comes through a the Panov Attack or b the King's Indian Reversed if it's good enough for a master of attack like Leonid Stein it'll do for me. This line is considered to offer equal chances, and was tried by Bobby Fischer. Related to the Fantasy Variation are the gambits 1.

Caro Kann - The Chess Website

These variations can be sharp caro-kaann dynamic. Be3, popularised by English grandmaster Nigel Short and often seen in the s. Create your ChessBase shop account with your e-Mail address and password.

You need to pick a username and password to post a reply. The "true" Exchange Variation begins with 4.

However, the move This can transpose to the Panov—Botvinnik B14, given above, with 3. I just read a New In Chess article from a few years ago about the following line against the fantasy variation: No posting personal information caro-kxnn members.

It is named after Vasily Panov and the world champion Mikhail Botvinnik.

This variation sets a trap: Instead, Lasker —Radsheer, and Alekhine —Bruce, ended quickly after, respectively, Why did I think that Kann is spelled with a 'C'?? It wasn't until after I played 4.

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