Saraswati suktam

He gave birth to male, he gave birth to female and then said: The solar year commences from the sun sign Capricorn in the Divine Plan. There is the glamour or satisfaction of sitting for sometime in a posture. When we express, our quality becomes visible.

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We gain a constant vibration in relation to the world. The pair of Lotus petals are the pairs of zeros, that is: An all-round development occurs in the physical, emotional and suktm discipline — the true disciple is formed. The doctrine and the discipline relating to the Word leads one to experience the Truth, when practiced.

All this is disintegration or involutionary process.

Saraswati Suktam

That is what is called 'walking from objectivity to subjectivity'. Krishnamacharya, under the caption Leo a description about the importance of working with sound for one hour daily sukgam explained. The purpose of studying the Word is to realize its scope, its constructive or destructive effect upon us, so that we may learn to become constructive and as far as possible cease to be destructive.

The sound of the flow is heard as a double sound sxraswati the pulsating centre, because it has a double function.

Saraswati Suktam – Star Sai

In any case, meditation is not vague sitting. Every principle in Creation is seen as a deity, in the esoteric world. When we do not value what is given, why should we be given more?

I was too sad and wanted Sai to show me a way. A tree that does not bear fruits or flowers; a cow that does not yield milk and a man that is not impregnated by the Word, is barren, meaning, he is suffering from limitations.

Saraswathi -The Word

When it is in the unmanifest state, we are said to be integrated. The sukta, says that the impregnation is by the Heavenly Word.

The qualities of the Divine and of the Light, definitely strive more towards the soul than gross matter. These Swans can muse the mind and the ego onto Pure Consciousness and Existence. Through this observation, the song becomes predominant in us.

It is the eternal 'Voice of Silence' in us, which glows when we are united with it, because sound is also the basis of Light. When we observe, as we inhale, there is a voiceless sound SO and when we exhale, there is the voiceless sound HAM.

It is like the seed and the tree. Secondly, the awareness of man ascends to the etheric plane —the plane of golden Light. That is called fasting, not abstaining from food. Such is the work of the Swans of pulsation. Within us there are devas and asuras.

Saraswathi -The Word wtt

Thus, the work of ether and air manifest the Light. In India we have an effective instruction to be give to the students of meditation. We see an animal and see God.

With all veneration and anxiety, we attend the morning and evening wuktam of meditation, and after every meditation it is a disappointment, in the sense, we do not really go in. We exist and we too have ideas emerging from us.

Each one of us is a horseman, meaning, that we have a body based upon the life force functioning in us.

All 'isms' serve a purpose up to a point, but as we evolve, our comprehension grows and our concepts change. Most of the zodiacal signs have sarsswati as symbols. Thus, the age old saying: As we grow into the highest realms of awareness, the mere thought brings us wherever we wish to be.

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