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You currently have a test document that should work out to 5 pages, i. The left-most positions get printer-control characters placed in them. List any constraints that should be heeded. Submit your e-mail address below.

Copying a physical file back to a spool file

Physical files don't convert to spooled files. Include as much of the requirements as are needed. Ask a question, help others, and get answers from the community. February 27th, But how about an SQL statement that output all normal printlines as a single space concatenated to the data, which would shift the data one position to the right, and all form-feed lines as having a character '1' in position 1 with the rest of the line blank?

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After some communication, I think I understand the issue. Please enter an answer.

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Additional page breaks are okay as long as the form-feeds cause their breaks also. How do you copy it back to a spool file? How to convert a AS spool file report to a formatted excel sheet?

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Please enter a reply. Specifically, you want the pages to break every time a form-feed appears. There are also lots of commercial packages that can do this stuff for you automagically.

The basic commands to fiel a spool file to a database file and back again are as follows: What's the best way to duplicate a windows text file, containing page break characters, into a iSeries spooled file. There was an error processing your information. Why would you have printer-control characters in the document? Load More View All Manage.

text file to iSeries spooled file - IT Answers

We'll email you when relevant content is added and updated. There are any number of ways to collect filr start and stop time of a job from the history log, or the job log.

Beyond that, if you don't actually want those control characters to really be in control, other Epool utilities such as grep and sed can be used to detect the characters in the input stream and insert what's needed in the output.

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Perhaps that's all you want.

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