Transcend nine steps to living well forever

It really makes me think about my health in a very broad sense, and has actually made me make concrete changes to my habits. Books should only have an individual article when they meet Wikipedia's notability guidelines and there is enough material to warrant a detailed article. Want to live forever? I love that there is a system. The book has a lot of information on supplements and behaviors that might be useful in extending life.

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Mar 26, Carrie rated it it was amazing.

Transcend: Nine Steps to Living Well Forever

It's a simple equation. This page is a redirect: The book is definitely intended for an older audience probably someone in their 60s is the target audience. I was sure about the ezercise, about a healthier way of life, but didn't imagine we have to go so far untill installing some air filters, water filters, prevent cancer as beeing a constant run of it.

I'd like to find more similar books for some critical input, but so far, I'm pretty happy with this one, and I'm glad I ordered a paperback edition to highlight and bookmark many pages.

Transcend: Nine Steps to Living Well Forever - Wikipedia

From baseline testing to supplementation, nutrition, and exercise, with this book's help you can be a pill-popping, vegetable-chomping gym rat and future android in no time! It talks about all the basics and some advanced things. Philosophically, it'll make you look at the world around you in a different way. Instead, this book seemed to compile a vorever number of studies and recommendations that I had froever heard in other places.

On the other hand, I can't help but thinking that anyone who takes vitamins per day, as he does, is a nut case. Other ti that qualms, this boo This book was O. This is the book for you. They approach health as slowing and reversing aging of body and brain. Dec 22, Evan Snyder rated it liked it.

Transcend: Nine Steps to Living Well Forever by Ray Kurzweil

This easy-to-follow program will help you transcend the boundaries of your genetic legacy and live long enough to live forever. See 1 question about Transcend….

The use of "Future Ray" and "Future Terry" is a bit corny and the loads of information on supplements, diets and novel medical diagnostics can be a bit overwhelming.

If you read health books you're already aware that y Ray Kurzweil, famous technologist and futurist, believes that by the end of this century the human lifespan will have increased to years due to advances in technology. On one hand, I admire Kurzweil's commitment to extending life. Jan 31, Angela Shurina rated it really liked it.

After Reading a previous Kurzweil book, I expected this book to be different than it livijg.

The ideas presented in this book are good, although the fact that the author pops odd pills a day in an effort to prolong his life transcenx you a lot about his philosophy. I guess I expected more from Ray Kurzweil. Ray Kurzweil says "Yes. This would have been a four-star book at least with better nutritional advice.

Live Long Enough to Live Forever.

I guess from a statistical perspective, I would want to know if the studies he's based these things off were randomized, as it's hard to trust current research findings nowadays. The philosophy behind this in essence, transhumanism is very exciting, the transcen, noble, but most of the content is just regular healthy lifestyle practices, with some inovative and insightful advices here and there.

I am convinced of the book's premise: He does have quite a few suggestions for staying healthy, but most of them you've heard dozens of time before - more vegetables, less alcohol, fewer cigarettes, blah, blah, blah I need twenty words to get this review posted so hopefully this will do. This book is a health and lifestyle book designed to show you what to do now so that you can survive long enough to make it until those advances come about he claims is firever year!

Transcend gives you the practical tools you need to live long enough setps remain healthy long enough to take full advantage of the biotech and nanotech advances that have already begun and will continue to occur at an accelerating pace during the years ahead. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

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