Play the sicilian kan

This has been the main line for a long time and it leads to hedgehog positions after Black continues with 7…b6 8. Re1 and now 11…Nc5! I am trying to learn a defense called the Sicilian Kan, because it is part of my repertoire from an opening course, which I have got too learn, do any of you guys know anything good or bad about this defense, any help you guys might have can be only good for me cheers!! Mike marked it as to-read Nov 22,

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Of course, Black has counterplay, but it's easier to be White. H Von Hennig vs A Hallgarten. I've seen stats where the Kan is the greatest points scorer for the intermediate player.

I've just started another Kan tournament for ten players. Nc3, Be3, Qd2, castle queenside, and try and mate Black quickly.

Having said all that, it's true that a lot of people have more than one black opening that they are prepared to play, so maybe you could additionally learn the French or Caro Kann or Sadaddaspie marked it as to-read Sep 27, Play the Sicilian Kan by: Mohamed Youssef rated it really liked it Jun 06, Introduction and Free Te Free 2. N Karaklajic vs Furman.

If not, you tend to get slaughtered. Chapter 14 - 5.

Glenn Mitchell added it Dec 20, I have been playing the kan now for several weeks on this site plus others, I am now starting to win with it a bit more. We continue with 6…Bb7 7.

Chess openings: Sicilian, Kan (B42)

The thing that puts me off from playing it is that white can almost force sicilizn into playing a hedgehog setup. The ideas with Nbc6 involve a kingside fianchetto which is unusual in the Sicilians with e6 but it is perfectly playable.

I don't think there is anything wrong with the hedgehog, but sitting tight and waiting for white to do something isn't exactly my playing style. Jul 8, 1.

R P Michell vs Tartakower. Chapter 12 - 5. I've been playing the Kan a fair amount in ICC 3-minute games over the last three months, but the problem is that White is just more active. If you already have an account, you should login now. So as a rule of thumb, wait for White to move his a1 rook before developing the knight.

Maybe I just need to keep practicing. I think one should siciilan play it with keeping in mind the general principle of the Sicilian: With the possibility of numerous transpositions within variations and to other kann, a good index is essential.

A Sicilian variation which continues to have decent success. Join or start a themed tournament.

Sicilian Kan

Joel marked it as to-read Nov 23, Arno is currently reading it May 10, G Marco vs Reti. The game is quite interesting here. Besides, you can get plently of experience playing that stuff with white against

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