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If you would rather not create the geometry in ANSYS DesignModeler, you can import a pre-existing geometry by right-clicking the Geometry cell and selecting the Import Geometry option from the context menu. In the Draw toolbox, select Arc by Center and click once on the origin center of the arc. Beam and Shell Modeling Workshop 5. When you release the mouse button, a new view will be displayed which consists entirely of the contents of the rectangle.

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December 3, Beam Modeling Workshop 5. On the Sketching tab, in the Draw toolbox, select Line you may need to use the arrows in the toolbox to scroll up to see the correct tool. For the purposes of this tutorial where you will create the geometry in inches and perform the CFD analysis using SI unitsselect Inch as the desired length unit and click OK to close the prompt.

Introduction to ANSYS DesignModeler | ANSYS

This closed half-circle will be used as the profile for the extrude operation. In the Details View under the Dimensions: On the Sketching tab, open the Draw toolbox and select Arc by Center.

Engineers and Designers Teaching Method: To create tutorial larger main pipe, you will use the Sweep operation. Register for a subscription using the tab below or contact training ansys. To learn how to create a mesh from the geometry you imported, go to Step 3: November 12, Students who attend this course tutoials learn how to: For the geometry of your fluid flow analysis, you can create a geometry in ANSYS DesignModeler, or import the appropriate geometry file.

Note the addition of the geometry file FFF. Draw a line connecting the open ends of the arc.

Introduction to ANSYS DesignModeler - (Also available as Self-paced Learning)

Beam and Shell Modeling Cesignmodeler 5. Note that the inches measurement appears automatically when you click outside of this box. The grid settings that you have just set up will help you to position the arc and set its radius correctly. With the mouse button unclicked, draw an arc to the opposite side of the origin and click the X axis again.

Step 2: Creating the Geometry in ANSYS DesignModeler

On the Sketching tab, in the Draw toolbox, select Line. Zoom in on the center of the grid so that you can see the grid lines clearly. Next you will close the half-circle with a line that joins the two arc ends. In this case, the profile is a half circle because the symmetry of the problem means that you do not have to generate the entire pipe geometry.

In the Draw toolbox, select Arc by Center and click once on the origin center of the arc. Click once on the origin, then once some distance along the X anzys in either a positive or a negative direction.

If the wrong part of the arc is drawn and it does not resemble Figure 1. Scope is equivalent to Instructor led classes.

Sweeping requires the use of two ansyss one that defines the profile to be swept and the other that defines the path through which the profile is to be swept.

With the new plane selected in the Tree Outlineclick the New Sketch icon.

Geometry Cleanup Module Set the Path to Sketch2: You can do this by holding down the right mouse button and dragging a box over the desired viewing area. Click the Generate button to create the pipe. Core Skills Workshop 1.

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