Aaron nimzowitsch mein system

A must-read for any chess player. Nov 14, Arthur Kyriazis rated it it was amazing. Aug 19, Serge Pierro rated it really liked it Shelves:

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For my part, I am a declared adherent of using parallels with comic effect; I am therefore ready to call upon the experiences of everyday life to make comparisons in order in such a way to reach a clear understanding of complex chess events. Nimzowitsch sometimes falls into this category.

My system by Aron Nimzowitsch? : chess

First chess book that I can say really helped me a lot. A classic, possibly the best book on chess I've ever read. Not really my favorite, but I may not have been quite ready for this one.

I have heard it is a bit outdated tactic wise but it is the bases of many common theories today. Having a solid msin in the game is everything, and Nimzo's My System will definitely help with that.

It's old, but with an old world charm, and its concepts are brilliantly expressed, often even with humour.

My System by Aron Nimzowitsch, Improvement chess book by Quality Chess

Oct 10, 9. This book is well known by its influence on World Champion Tigran Petrosian style of play, as "For infinitely many times have I analysed the games and positions from this book, and I liked very much to read it without chess. Many of these are games the author played and won in international competition. The second part, "Positional Play" contains more advanced topics, such as Prophylaxis.

My System by Aron Nimzowitsch

There is even a French edition that splits the this book in two books nice nimsowitsch choice, obviously a chess connoisseur. The Great Courses Plus offers free access to a world of knowledge with over 11, engaging lectures.

For developing players, this is a necessary classic to develop strategic thinking.

In general, Soltis' selection of example positions is consistently excellent, as are his annotations. Aug 11, 4. When posting positions, title them appropriately - White to move and win, What's the best line for black?

I have a feeling , that Aron Nimzowitsch " My System" book is only ...

The fundamentals part 1 are good for beginning players but the second part really helps paint the hypermodern school of thought for me. Articles containing German-language text Incomplete lists from August He is profound, emotionally sensitive to the point of an almost dangerous vulnerability, refuses to suffer fools gladly, despises provincialism and dogma, and feels it his mission to penetrate into the inner truth of chess out of a deeply felt respect for the authenticity of that truth.

Want to banish typos and clarify confusing sentences? ESP wrote 'I mean I consider myself as a begginer too, not a master yet', is this because he read the Nimzowitsch book? This has to be one of the most highly overrated books in the history of chess.

Just reading through anything won't help too much, you should get out a board and look through variations presented for yourself, and look at variations not mentioned, etc. What are some meni methods to be able to read chess notation and play the moves in your mind?

It's almost 90 years old and therefore there may be some ideas already outdated.

Apr 29, Andrew rated it liked it Shelves: This book is a classic in chess planning and strategy. I am leading a study group as we navigate this book. Regarding the Scandinavian Defence 1. Plus, the Nimzo-Indian is still pretty damned good nimozwitsch club games against 1. I don't share their opinion, but I am pretty sure that there are more useful reads for class players out there.

But by there are much higher quality books that will teach you all the same material with better illustrations and better explanations. These days most classic works are no longer essential to a chess education, especially since the Internet; but if there's an exception, Nimzowitch's work is it. Are you uttering about chess?

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