Visioneering andy stanley

I listened to this one as an audio book, but had I a copy of the book in person, there would have been hundreds of times I underlined something or read and re-read Andy Stanley's words of wisdom. God casts visions, not us. Seven years ago is a guess:

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Using an insightful discussion at the book of Nehemiah, Stanley explains important nuggets about finding and sticking with a God-given vision.

What could be, that should be? I am a visionary at heart, and this book gave me the opportunity to better understand who I am as a person and how that shapes itself in my own life. Lift Your Vision High Vision is a preferred future.

And ultimately it is a book that seeks to encourage people towards vision and encourage visionaries to see things through. He then uses Nehemiah as an extended case study to show the power and challenge of a vision in the motivational sense, not mysticalencouraging us to recognize and fulfill o Don't make the mistake I did when I dismissed this book as yet another in the growing you-can-be-anything-you-want-to-be-as-long-as-you-follow-your-heart genre. Stanley unashamedly embraces two realities: But not everybody will pay the price to turn that mental image into reality.

Andy Stanley | Visoneering

Tsanley its worst, however, Visioneering could be preachy, fluffy, and vain. As a pastor of a growing church, I am visioneernig looking to develop myself as a better leader and visionary.

Andy gave me some very thought-provoking ideas so I can improve my [Christian] walk. In an age of instant gratification, this is vital for your vision to be successful. This book was written to stir these hearts and move people forward by providing tangible steps to getting from Point A to Point B. He sprinkles in appropriate stories drawn from his life and others to add support to his points.

I've always liked Andy Stanley's book, but this one is definitely my favorite. Other times they are summarized in an all too perfect vignette e. Making God the primary focus, he empowers his reader to rely on their vision and make it consistent.

Stanley uses the Old Testament book of Nehemiah to illustrate how visions are birthed, developed, and maintained. Read it Forward Read it first.

Visioneering: God's Blueprint for Developing and Maintaining Personal Vision by Andy Stanley

After all, everybody ends up somewhere in life. His own spiritual framework allows him to place these principles as universal truth as well. Sep 26, Sheneika rated it really liked it. You can end up somewhere on purpose! It's exactly what I needed for such a time as this. I am newly inspired, more so than I have been in a very long time.

Jan 18, Pages.

The opinions expressed here are my own. What breaks your heart?

Visioneering – Part 1

I feel better equipped for the different obstacles and challenges that are bound to come as we travel this path, and I also have a better understanding of why we've gone through the challenges we've already dealt with. I had this grand scheme that during my lifetime I wanted to amass a huge and to About seven years ago, my friend Art gave me the book Visioneering: It is only when we are able to look back that our desert experiences make sense.

He makes a strong case that people should have a vision or visions that set the course for one's family, business, ministry, and personal life. Includes discussion guide for use in small groups.

I found his ideas to be comp Andy Stanley does an excellent job of describing how to establish and maintain staney God-ordained vision for one's life. Looking for More Great Reads? Don't make the mistake I did when I dismissed this book as yet another in the growing you-can-be-anything-you-want-to-be-as-long-as-you-follow-your-heart genre.

Everyone has one, you may just not have found it yet.

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