Robert merle malevil

Often the writer's politics and philosophy play into the writing, but usually PA stories hold out hope. This suspension of disbelief is a stretch, but necessary, because there would be no story if everyone died from radiation poisoning. I hope I'll do it.

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The story's events take place in rural France in the late twentieth century. I also found inspiring the characters such as Momo and Meitte, both with disabilities, or as we would today call "challenges".

It is considered one of the better 'post apocalyptic' novels out there by many fans of the sub-genre.

So enjoy the search. The title put me off, since I inferred that it attributed the collapse of civilization to some silly supernatural struggle, like Swan Song by Robert McCammon, which I bought and barely began reading before I dropped it in disappointment.

Malevil by Robert Merle

No a tohle bylo asi to, co mi vadilo: For me, this book was ok. And characterization is the outstanding feature of this novel. We were distressed by them, of course, we expressed indignation, signed petitions, or even donated small sums of money on occasions.

There were wars, of course, and famines and massacres. Overall, Malevil is an effective and entertaining novel.

Hearing my wife groan over the constantly poorly written scenes and female characters was the Greek Chorus to this dreck. Open Preview See a Problem? Malevil by Robert Merle - buddy read 12 24 Jan 23, Jun 30, Brian Melendez rated it it was amazing.

The remaining pages read like a poorly written how-to manual providing painfully dull detail of fortifying your 12th century French castle after a nuclear event. There were no preparations to make, because Who Knew?

So I have to be content with reading the English language version of Robert Merle's post-apocalyptic classic. I really liked The Stand by Stephen King.

Merld sense that I'm missing something. By chance, Emanuel and several of his friends find nerle in the wine cellar of the castle during the unexpected outbreak of nuclear war.

The pages leading up to the actual nuclear disaster are mele about the personality and background of the main characters. The protagonists maevil in a rural area with a small town village and they are forced to rely on their own wits and ingenuity after the nuclear exchange has taken place and malvil modern world ceases to exist. What a strange race: The one woman wi This would have been a good enough book if 1 It wasn't so extremely long, and more importantly 2 The narrator wasn't so disgustingly male-chauvinist I really liked the beginning, the disaster, the starting of a new mini-society, but then the repetitiveness of how women are either whores, old crones or children and how they must be shared equally really got on my nerves.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. I'd not attempted Proust the last time I read this book, so I had my laugh out loud moment, and sigh for the day. This one was so bad I have remorse now for punting the other. Like Frank's classic there is a feeling that Merle is romanticizing the "good old days" just a little though and ,like Frank's novel, Merle's characters mele very lucky.

Together under the leadership of Emanuel they start to rebuild. The author must have spent a decade working through every single possibility; he has his characters embody the different opinions of what should be done but leaving Emmanuel the narrator and protagonist always left making the final, and best, solution.

Want to Read saving…. Nobody would want to live through such a thing, but humanity prevails and ultimately the story ends on an optimistic note. From my perspective Malevil is not your typical post-apocalyptic novel.

Self-sufficiency is a "good thing" and the modern pre-apocalyptic world is bid good riddance - with a few nods to such conveniences as sewer systems, various vaccines and central air.

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