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View all 8 comments. So naturally I wanted to take a peek at it. But it is possible to make your meaning clear without being direct. It is in depth, it is better than the internet, and most importantly it always highlights the seriousness of this situation a one may someday face.

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I'm an oncology nurse who has taken care of many patients on hospice and I thought this book would be interesting Quest for the Peaceful Pill.

Final Exit: The Practicalities of Self-deliverance & Assisted Suicide for the Dying

I read this book because of a need and a want. Final Exit by Derek Humphrey This read like a master's thesis on active euthanasia. Jack Kevorkian's life and work are reported on.

Graphics and and titles illustrating helium tank setup and step-by-step procedures for self-deliverance. Want to Read saving…. Checklist and drug dosage table.

This is what professionalism is. Dec 12, George rated it it was amazing. Bear in mind, however, that this is not the focus of the book.

Final Exit - Wikipedia

Good Life, Good Death. Iv read it many times. The book, often described as a " suicide manual", describes the means that the terminally ill may use to end their lives. The author founded the Hemlock Society and writes clearly and very courageously about the issues of rational suicide for the terminally and hopelessly ill. Pay securely with any major credit card or e-check through PayPal. An entire industry of prolonging death continues to evolve, with s It is the height of abhorrence that we treat our dying pets with more dignity and compassion than our dying loved ones!

Complete with recipes for death this book often reminds the person reading to put a plastic bag over their head after taking however many pills it tells you to take. Thorough and well thought out. View all 7 comments. Final Exit book details, excerpt and more info here But it is possible to make your meaning clear without being direct. I think they deserve to die just as much as able-minded people.

Final Exit, 3rd Edition by Derek Humphry (updated April ) - ERGO

It is a needed guide. At the time, it was very controversial that this was even published, and I was always very supportive of all books controversial, all books that caused outrage.

I recognize that this has its place, but felt that the topic could have been treated a bit more even-handedly. Get it wrong and your final bow may be strung out by lying around half-dead, running up hospital bills and imposing angst on everyone.

However, I believe it has given me a fresh perspective to start the year off with a greater appreciation for life. Looking for More Great Reads? I think doctors and Hospice can do a better job than this book allows making the end tolerable.

Until then, I recommend this book and also "The Peaceful Pill Handbook" for folks like me an exot hippie who still thinks the Age of Aquarius is eminently possible.

The original publication of Final Exit stunned the nation by offering people with terminal illness a choice on how--and when--to end their suffering. May 18, HFK rated it liked it Shelves: In that case, read it.

Kevorkian or any doctor.

Same with most drugs you can get either illegally on the street or legally from your doctor.

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