As the computing power increases and the algorithmic skills are constantly improved, there is also the chance that the DLP and IFP for the underlying combinatorial hard problem could be solved deterministically in subexponential time. Furthermore, each portion of the ciphertext that is given the corresponding coordinate position and is embedded in the encoded text as given in 17 is quite dependent on all message blocks. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

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Conceptual Basis This section first gives a brief introduction to a RSA-based blind signature algorithm. Research has proven its benefit in improving efficiency in several applications such as three-party communication environments [ 33 ], key management for wireless sensor networks [ 34 ], and multiple receivers for firewalls [ 35 ].

Thus, the proposed solution provides the integrity property. Consequently, the proposed design conforms to the correctness property. Our research contributions aim to improve adoption of the security requirements and to increase the speed of information transmission for multiple blind signcrypted messages.

As for identity verification, the identities of all parties can be reliably verified during an interactive communication model using the identity authentication of 8. Signcryption schemes can be trusted by providing two different mathematical functions as mentioned above; one is the signature and the other is the encryption.

The verifier applies the permutation sequence from 13 sugncryption binary format to the associated message sequence previously defined in 12 and then performs bit shifting operations to find the number of matching permutation values in corresponding bit positions in the two binary sequences.

Signcryption - Wikipedia

This is particularly useful in an off-line scenario, where the signatures are able to be self-certified without needing an Internet connection once participants have been registered in the system as existing legitimate entities. As for multidocument cryptographic processing using signcryption technique, Tsai and Su [ 31 ] present a variant of a threshold signcryption protocol by assigning a group of signatures to share a secret link for multiple documents.

Thus, we propose a new blind signature scheme for multiple digital documents based on elliptic curve cryptography ECC. As the computing power increases and the algorithmic skills are constantly improved, there is also the chance that the DLP and IFP for the underlying combinatorial hard problem could be solved deterministically in subexponential time. This also means that by manipulating certain data in the query it could possibly lead to unauthorized access and usage of private information to the open Internet connection and potentially cause data leakage and access issues.


With regard to message authentication, the current scheme can provably provide the authenticity ability of electronic documents or data while maintaining the privacy of the signature, and these messages are able to be adequately protected from inappropriate or malicious modifications through a valid corresponding checksum at the verifier side as described in At the security analysis, the work investigates the related security requirements from a blind signature design methodology and these strong security properties are fully satisfied with the relevant parameters.

View at Google Scholar M. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Conic-based RSA assumption offers resistance to low public key and low private key exponent attacks, prevalent in the original RSA cryptosystem. In Section 3sgncryption propose an original essay to construct a signcryption-combined scheme for blind digital signatures.

This page was last edited on 26 Januaryat We present a fully secure IBSC scheme in the standard model. Views Read Edit View history.

Secure identity-based signcryption in the standard model - ScienceDirect

Unlike the classic approaches that handle a single electronic document each task, our solution consumes lower costs to perform the security-related operations for processing relatively large amounts of digital documents and always runs in weakly polynomial time.

Particularly, owing to the difficulty of solving the ECDLP and the small key lengths in ECC, the security strength and efficiency aigncryption the proposed solution will certainly lead to very promising results.

The subsection following the next investigates a detailed quantitative measure comparing the performance of our proposed algorithm with the two aforesaid algorithms in blind signcryption systems. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. View at Google Scholar X. Equations 15 through 18 summarize the encryption operations.

Although our scheme reaches a slightly higher computational complexity for dealing with one single digital document about in the total cost than Ullah et al. The other parameter value is not an easy attempt that reverses a hash function. Untraceability or unlinkability property ensures that the signer cannot link back any message-signature pair later even if the signature is revealed to signcrryption public.

The bit-reverse operation is similar to the forward bit shifting trick from 14but it is intended for operating in the opposite direction on individual bits. A number of techniques can be adopted when implementing privacy and unlinkability mechanisms within such an electronic document application, each with its own contributions to the protection of proprietary information, such as public-key cryptography [ 1 ], digital signatures [ 23 ], and blind signatures [ 4 — 9 ].

Journal of Natural Sciencesvol. Signcryption has been shown to be useful in many applications, such as electronic commerce, mobile communications and smart cards.

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