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The quick, action-packed plot, the melodrama, the cliffhangers, and the idealized characters are all familiar to any pulp fans. Alright, Mieville, the name of a city. In Kraken, most of the asides outline a freewheeling Kantian magic system built on belief and symbology, the other asides are fodder for his plot twists, which are somewhat obvious, if only because he has avoided the swirling eddies of uncertainty that would otherwise hide their trail. When I first started reading the novel, I have to say I was — quite sadly — disappointed. My best advice is to just "roll with it" the first time you read it, kind of glossing over anything that you don't understand, and then re-reading it to really let everything fall back into place and coalesce in your mind.

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To name but a few. Billy Harrow, our hero, comes into his powers because it is thought that he was a test-tube baby: Like lraken obviously and squid pro quo he makes you wait for that one. He stared at the screen. Kraken marks a digression for Mieville from his familiar madcap style.

To withdraw your consent, see Your Choices. This is one of those books cgina leaves an indelible impression on you for a very long time after.

This book is mraken. Mar 04, Lyn rated it liked it. Well I don't totally understand but at least it's ending and everybody seems happy — hey, hold on … what's? The hosts talked to him about the novel, which was noteworthy to them I guess because it had a vampire in it.

The other weakness is a muddle toward the middle. Now pay attention for once. Can't someone tell me? Yeah, but not enough. Kraken often evokes Neverwhere, whether by converging influences or homage.

But sometimes it is almost boring, in that you don't really feel for any of the characters even though I really like and would read a sequel starring several of themand the story tends to wander off into these nifty-idea side-plots that don't strictly go anywhere. Okay, there's some room left in the book to explain how the hero did what he did to stop the bad guy from doing what he wanted to do. I like where this is going!

Absolutely a tribute to Lovecraft, this is a good book all by itself as well but maybe not the best as an introduction to his work. Even if something seems to you completely unbelievable - take it on the chin. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I mean, it sounds cool, but a stolen squid god macguffin is still a macguffin, and a bland hero is still a bland hero.

Unfortunately, there's was a major babe drought mievillee his life. Was I pretty much amazed by the inclusion of so many fascinating characters? Wizards' familiars striking for better working conditions!

Kraken by China Miéville

Yes, I think I will. The portents are not good. But the best bit, the best bit is his reworking of the Christian mythos in the most subversive way I have ever seen. However, I would not recommend that they start with Kraken.

This was my dog walking book I read it on my kindle app on my phone when I took the dog for her nighttime constitutionaland so I read it in tiny portions ov What the frak did I just read? And then there is Goss and Subby, an ageless old man and a cretinous boy who, together, constitute a terrifying—yet darkly charismatic—demonic duo. Mieville turns, looking out of the review at the reviewer. Stuff happens to him. He has been careful to ensure that he never loses his audience through obscure complexity.

He is without a doubt one of the most gifted authors working today, it is very fortunate for genre fans like myself that he has a chian for the fantastical.

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