Tsm interview questions

What is the last parameter in define path? Storage Area Networks SAN has huge requirements and the popularity and importance of this technology is increasing every year. Ans version exist, version deleted, retention extra, retention only, serialization, destination, mode, frequency …… etc. Explain how to do Lanfree configuration?

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How You Shared It? You should be comfortable when answering the questions related to your previous experience.

TSM Interview questions

queztions What Is The Process? This is used to migrate files from one stgpool to the next storage pool. Ans Yess, I did it once. What are the parameters in the copy group? Have you done library configuration? Then we have to register the storage agent as server in TSM server. What is audit volume?

Storing data of a client at minimal volumes. Ibm Tsm Practice Tests. What TDP products you worked on? Def Audit Library Command? Migration will qusetions some empty space in disk pools which can be used for taking backup of the client machine.

Ans Reclamation makes the fragmented space on volumes usable again by moving any remaining files from one volume to another volume. Which are frequently changed? You have to lie and say its because they are such a great company and give so much back to the world Do you like to switch your career?

Ans First we have to figure it out the source of the error, whether tape drive has caused the error or tape itself has some problems. Server out of data storage space. Migration is used to move client files from one storage pool to the next storage pool in the storage hierarchy. But questions by experienced people are a great way to 'sharpen the axe'.

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Ans Generally tape library will have separate cleaning drives, we have to just mount that drive through Library GUI. There is no chance of restoring single file in image backup. Checking status of admin schedules.

Report Attrition rate dips in corporate India: Azure Training Learners.

Tell me the process the moving the tape from mountable state to vault state? Check in, check out etc.

We have to define all the drives on both Library Manager and Library clients. This is used to migrate files from one stgpool to the next storage pool Command: They have you do a case study and they asked you to do a sales pitch to the customer. Ans It s pecifies how Tivoli Storage Manager processes files or directories when they are modified during backup processing. Video tutorial on checking tape read write errors. The device configuration file must follow these conventions: Interview took place in IBM India and it took place for more than 2 hours altogether.

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