Ravenor's already-potent psychic abilities actually became more acute after his wounding, to compensate for his crippled body. I can't say too much about the many different opposition groups because their identities and roles reveal major spoilers. We know that she was given the name "Patience" when she and her sisters were taken in by a local scholam the Imperium's equivalent of an orphanage and boarding school , and her last name was taken from its abbreviation. An age of apocalypse.

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You can just accept it, and come to the realization that you hate hate hate Dan Abnett, because he makes you care so damn much. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

Gideon Ravenor - Wikipedia

Retrieved from " http: Views Read Edit View history. The stuff he knows Ears as sharp as pencils, me. Slyte must be stopped. She's surprisingly disdainful of Molotch, his schemes, and other heresies, but ravenof loyal to Orfeo. A great adventure yarn and a natural continuation from the Eisenhorn series.

Trice is the mastermind of a scheme to smuggle Chaos-corrupted cogitators onto Eustis Majoris in order to reconstruct Enuncia.

She-Fu Carl Thonius Ravenor's interrogator, a foppish computer expert with a dislike rqvenor fighting. The first, Playing Patienceis set between the Eisenhorn trilogy and this one, and the second, Thorn Wishes Talonis set between Ravenor and Ravenor Returns and fills in some extra backstory. I read Eisenhorn before this I recommend anyone starting WH40k books start there as well and I am just as impressed by Ravenor. Because of an apparent natural affinity he was Ravenor's favourite vessel for waring.

Molotoch apparently ravenof ways to change peoples memories within seconds despite not ravneor a psyker, so after a brief mind-probe Ravenor happily accepts and decides to go rogue so he can hunt down his nemesis without the pesky Inquisition getting in the way.

Gideon Ravenor - Warhammer 40k - Lexicanum

He is fitted with a device called a "limiter" which dampens his blank-ness so that Ravenorr and other psykers can still use their powers while in close proximity to him.

Who could this be, really. I think this book was fantastic on a number of levels. The two know exactly what sort of life the other lived before finding a limiter and work.

But Zygmunt and I can only flourish, prosper and achieve our own goals so long as the Imperium persists. We weave our schemes through the complex fabric of Imperial life, to benefit ourselves. Ravenor has on occasion been referred to as an Alpha-Plus psyker.

Ravenor and his team caught up with the Ravenir Cultists and stopped them. Carl Thonius ends up being its unfortunate vessel when he looks into the wrong flect at the wrong time in Ravenor Returned.

Lexicanum pages needing citation.

Often how his mind reading works. I enjoyed the ride. The highest levels of subsector government have some sort of sneaky secret agenda, so Ravenor and his group covertly head to the capital world to try and unravel all of this nonsense.

Ravenor also allied with a group of Eldar for some time, a highly unorthodox occurrence among the Ordo Xenos, if not outright heresy. A young Interrogator Ravenr Ravenor on Thracian Primaris just before the tragedy that changed his life.

The crew of the Rqvenor manage to find one of the ships Molotch uses since it was in orbit above Water World to teleport the bounty hunters out and Kara heads over and gets captured, but not before transmitting their destination, a planet Eisenhorn fans know well, Gudrun. Yes, in the grim dark future of the 41st millenium, computers that haven't been lovingly annointed with sacred oils and prayed over are evil.

Ravenor: The Omnibus

I really enjoyed it, very descriptive and sensitively written. Ironically, Ravenor gained much greater fame amongst the Imperial elite as favenor philosopher than he did as a warrior. I consider Dan Abnett's previous Inquisition trilogy, collected as the Eisenhorn omnibus, to be among the best examples not just of fiction set within the worlds of Games Workshop's Warhammer and Warhammer 40k universes, but of the tie-in fiction of any setting.

Overall I think this story is good but not excellent, as, in my opinion, it lacks depth and some parts of it are weaker.

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