Skf bearing selection guide

In this section you can find: These housings and seals are well known for their quality and durability. Performance and operating conditions Bearing type and arrangement Bearing size Lubrication Operating temperature and speed Bearing interfaces Bearing execution Sealing, mounting and dismounting. This innovative new tool, which benefits from SKF's extensive experience of rolling bearing design, installation and in-service care, is also available as an online engineering resource for OEMs, SKF approved distributors and other end-users.

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Find detailed bearng information Have someone contact me fast Report a defect or make comments about the website Increase the website font size Find the SKF website in another language I would like to know To help you evaluate these key factors, we provide our recommended selection process, as well as supporting information and examples. This is based on the static load that the bearing can accommodate, taking into account the possible effects of permanent deformation, and requires calculation of the static safety factor s 0 for the bearing.

It is a sophisticated bearing simulation tool that enables analysis of multi-shaft systems at a deeper level than SKF SimPro Quick.

Bearing selection examples

You can find the products you need by: How can we help? By clearly defining and naming the steps in this way, it should be easier eelection find information on a specific topic. In capped bearings, the effects of the lubricant and integral seal are only indirectly related to bearing size.

Performance and operating conditions. Select sub-product type Select sub-product type s Ball bearings Engineered products Plain bearings Roller bearings Super-precision bearings Track rollers.

selectioh SKF is constantly developing its engineering software tools for SKF engineers and customers to support them in obtaining solutions that are technically, commercially and environmentally optimal.

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Print this page Share Share this page. The units are preassembled and adjusted at the factory. Print this page Share Share this page.

Latest SKF online catalogue makes bearings selection easier

Contact the SKF application engineering service through your local SKF representative if you have any questions, or require any assistance, when using the bearing selection process guidelines or information in the product sections. I would like to know Size selection based seleciton static load: Useful links Press contacts. Bearing housings To accommodate the wide variety of performance characteristics of SKF bearings, SKF designs and manufactures a full line of bearing housings and housing seals.

SKF's latest Rolling Bearings Catalogue is packed with new features to help customers choose the optimum bearing arrangement for their project.

This section provides guidance on determining the required bearing size. Note that there are applications where both selection criteria must be considered, for example where a duty cycle has occasional peak loads. How can we help? In reality, however, you will find interdependencies that require you to loop back and forth between the steps. In addition to the bearing rating life, there are key factors you must consider when putting together the bearing specifications for an application, including:.

Bearings, Units & Housings | SKF

Enter product part number. The Engineering Section also includes a thermal analysis feature that can bearinh used to highlight the influence of friction losses on clearance. Will you accept SKF cookies? Select from the list of product tables.

Therefore, the two main criteria that can be used for determining bearingg bearing size are: The Engineering Section has been completely rewritten and now includes a step-by-step bearing selection guide - the 'Bearings Selection Process' - which makes it much easier for customers to select the right bearing arrangement for their particular machine or project.

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SKF Bearing Select

Supporting calculation tools In the early stages of the application analysis and design process, bearing selection is initially made using selectio assumptions and, as the process progresses, additional input is included to fine tune results. Sign up for the feed. In addition to the bearing rating life, there are key factors you must consider when putting together the bearing specifications for an application, including: Consider these attributes, in addition to bearing size, to ensure you obtain best bearing performance.

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