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If played in sequence they form a triton three steps or an augmented fourth or diminished fifth interval, which in Western music has always been considered dissonant both as a bichord and played melodically since it is difficult to sing in tune If played together bichord they create dissonance, i. Figure 2 Just as we can derive modes from the notes of a major scale Ionian, Dorian etc. A s you should know, the pentatonic major scale has these intervals: E asier to do considering that the majority of solos and riff of bass use this scale!

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Mi piace Mi piace. Do not forget that A minor is also C major, and of course this relation can be transported to all the other keys while keeping the same relations.


A s you should know, the pentatonic major scale has these intervals: There are many advantages of considering the minor pentatonic as our main reference, not least e,ettrico fact that the minor pentatonic corresponds to a spread minor seventh chord with the fifth or eleventh. I advice scal to use this fingering: F or the minor scale we have these intervals: The result is an unceasing variation of musical phrases, provided the musician masters well this material and has assimilated this approach enough to be able to play naturally and instinctively.

Figure 5 This simple drawing, which at first glance might look like a philosophical speculation with little relation to making music in practice, tells us that the same scale can be considered as a sequence of notes that eletttico by consecutive fourths or fifths, based on the direction, clockwise or anticlockwise. Figure 10 Another way to consider this relation between the scales is visible within the circle of fifths.

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You can also play the pentatonic of the chord or the relative minor. U sing major chords start with the sixth note of the chord, using minor chords start for the third. To put into practice all of these concepts, it is easier to start from the scale, focusing on the melody. T his is really good because if you want to do a solo you can play with major chords the minor scale and the opposite for the minor chords!

Figure 12 Which advantages can I get from this approach?

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Y ou have also these possibilities: This page has 5. Figure 8 This means that D minor, E minor and A minor pentatonic scales dwell perfectly in the C major scale and in the modes that derive from this scale. Figure 5 shows how in the circle of fifths the major scale is a group of seven notes, but if we leave out the first and the last we obtain a pentatonic scale. Finally, I invite you to take a look at this video where I demonstrate the use of the pentatonic scales within the key In.


Stai commentando usando il tuo account Facebook. Pentatonic scales by Toni Moretti tonimore inwind. Toni Scalw Yes I will. Reference to the minor pentatonic scale V mode: There are several methods to create a five sound penta-tonic scale within an octave. A lso in this case we can use the pentatonic minor scale for all the minor seventh chords excluding diminished and half-diminished chords.

Another way to consider this relation between the scales is visible within the circle of fifths. Moreover it is protected by International Copyright, so it is forbidden any use of it which isn't authorised by the rights' owner.

C, D, E G and A and also the a minor: How can I use all this stuff? We are not worried about the chord position or if the seventh is major and minor. W e have the same note!

Subscribe in a reader. Stai commentando usando il tuo account Twitter. Figure 7 Does this mean we have found the least common multiple? W e have the possibility to play on major chord the relative pentatonic scale. Notificami nuovi commenti via e-mail.

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