Picture reasoning questions for infosys

II They take Share on Share Tweet Share. T may be A.

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Furthermore we have also stated all the details about the total marks, and cut-off marks.

Hence, M is the maternal uncle of P. Three friends went to a restaurant. Who are the neighbors of C?

Infosys Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers PDF

Option C The final arrangement is shown below: Are you looking for resources to ready yourself for the placement challenge? The answer is correct. P is the son of Q. I They take 7. How many right circular cylinders of equal size can be made from a metal of volume cm3. There are two married couples in the group.

Infosys Reasoning Ability Mock Series, Selection Test, Sample Paper

Three friends went to a restaurant and found some pieces of cake in front of them. Q, A and M are siblings and N is the mother of them. Option D Hence the answer is option D abca. Which of the following pairs may not be seated together?

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Option D Hence the answer is option D i. Option A The final arrangement is shown below: Check which of the terms given in the options can replace the blanks so that the series becomes ffor logical one. Infosys Reasoning Questions Learn reasoning by solving questions. Identify the wrong term in the series.

Which of the following statements is definitely true? C, the accountant, is married to F who is a lecturer. Is Infosys visiting your campus soon? All dogs are fish.

Eswari then took half of the remaining but retuned 2. Test Pattern of all major companies. All bronze is non-metal. Based on the statement in the question, mark the most logical Set among options. During the time of the murder, only three people namely Reasonong, Y, and Z were present. If yes, this section for Infosys Recruitment Test will be a piece of cake for you. Visual Reasoning and Puzzles.

Infosys Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers PDF Ability | PrepInsta

Hence, only possibility 2 is allowed. What is the probability that 2 men and one woman chosen to form a committee are all Indians?

Prep Tests Online Course. Can you find pattern in events and numbers easily? John reasonning one-seventh of them and returned none. What comes next in the series?

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